Mad About Cartoons

Bill Wray is trying to make the transition fine art but is known as a cartoonist, a background painter/ Art director and sometimes animation director. This will be the place he post his ocasional animation and cartooning work and also be a place to bitch or wax sentimentally about cartoons in general. It’s been a love and hate relationship for many years and the long journey may not be quite over.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Super Babies

Here are some babies done for DC comics in a Mary Blair kind of style. First two sketches were the find my way the third nailed it. Below is the final painting. It was an odd job it's super babies for clothing catalogs for babies, but not exactly like Superman or other characters yet kind of like them.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Fan Commission Mad cover

This is a spot for me to talk about cartoons and post my occasional cartoon work that is now done less out of love that the need to finance my foray into fine art painting. Love for cartooning is still strong, it's just that I can't take working for demanding art directors so I do less of it. Here is a commission I just did for a Mad fan. I never got to do a cover when I was at Mad, not even for the one-hundredth episode of the strip, but I'm not bitter. ;-) The client is a family man who deals in fireworks so I had to keep the image/theam family friendly or I certainly would have had the bully sticking the firecracker in Monroe's ass with him losing a few feet of colon.